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The following are among the most important or interesting journal articles and books that cover in whole or part Athenian Owls, including imitatives, listed in chronological order. There are also many SNGs and other attribution references, not listed here, that can be useful to the study of these coins.

"What About Coinage?", John H. Kroll, Interpreting the Athenian Empire, edited by Ma, Papazarkadas, and Parker, 2009

The Athenian Decadrachm, Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert, 2009

"The Athenian Emergency Issue of the Peloponnesian War," Sam Spiegel, Celator, Dec. 2008

Le monnayage en argent d'Athènes, Christophe Flament, 2007

"The Owls of Athens," David Vagi, Numismatist, April 2006

The Coinage of Philistia of the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BC: A Study of the Earliest coins of Palestine, Haim Gitler and Oren Tal, 2006

Coinage of Arabia Felix: The Pre-Islamic Coinage of the Yemen, Stuart Munro-Hay, 2003

Samarian Coinage, Ya'akov Meshorer and Shraga Qedar, 1999

"Athenian Coinage: Progress and Problems," Richard Miller, Celator, May 1997

The Athenian Agora, Vol. XXVI: The Greek Coins
, John Kroll, 1993

"The Beginning of Athenian New Style Silver Coinage," Harold Mattingly, Numismatic Chronicle, 1990

"Athenian Tetradrachm Coinage of the Third Century BC, Hélène Nicolet-Pierre and J.H. Kroll, American Journal of Numismatics, 1990

Collecting Greek Coins: A Complete Guide to Beginning and Enjoying a Collection of Classical Greek Coins, David Van Meter, 1990

"The Chronology of the New Style Coinage of Athens," Otto Mørkholm, American Numismatic Society Museum Notes, 1984

"From Wappenmünzen to Gorgoneia to Owls," J.H. Kroll, American Numismatic Society Museum Notes, 1981

Archaic and Classical Greek Coins, Colin Kraay, 1976

Archaic Greek Coinage: The Asyut Hoard, Martin Price and Nancy Waggoner, 1975

Corpus of the Ancient Coins of Athens by John Svoronos (completed after the author's death by Behrendt Pick), 1975

Athenian Coinage, 480-449 B.C., Chester Starr, 1970

The New Style Silver Coinage of Athens, Margaret Thompson, 1961

The Archaic Coins of Athens: Classification and Chronology, Colin Kraay, 1956

"From Peisistratos to Alexander: Two Centuries of Athenian Owls with Special Regard to Their Chronological Arrangement," Paul Szego, Coin Collector's Journal, January/February 1942

Athens: Its History and Coinage Before the Persian Invasion, Charles Seltman, 1924













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