Owl Paper Money
And Stamps



Money and other metallic devices aren't the only ways that ancient Athenian Owls are represented today. They're also remembered on modern Greek paper money and stamps. The following are examples.















Modern Greek 1944 100,000 drachmas note (14.1 cm x 8.3 cm), Pick 125.

The obverse of this note depicts an Early Classical Owl tetradrachm, the reverse the ruins of the Temple of Athena Aphaea on Aegina. This 100,000 drachmas note was issued during German occupation of Greece in World War Two when Greece was experiencing severe inflation. Image courtesy of World Paper Money.















Modern Greek 1963 3.50 drachmas stamp (42 x 26mm).

The above stamp was part of a series of nine Greek stamps issued in 1963 depicting coins from ancient Greece. A 20 leptas stamp that's similar to the above, featuring the same Owl tetradrachm but with a purple background, was issued by Greece in 1959 as part of a ten-stamp series also depicting ancient coins. Greece joined NATO in 1952.















Modern Greek 1984 15 drachmas stamp (35 x 27mm).

This stamp, also illustrating an Owl tetradrachm, marked the 150th anniversary of Athens as the capital of modern Greece. It was issued in 1985 along with a 100 drachmas stamp featuring images of ancient and modern Athens. Greece joined the European Community, now called the European Union, in 1981.













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